Pasta ‘Cuz: Week 4

We are officially three serving weeks into Pasta ‘Cuz! Leading up to this week, we were focused on the hard needs of creating a company. Since we felt we addressed our three goals of bigger portions, faster delivery, and including a fork last week; this week we turned to the legal issues of creating Pasta ‘Cuz, the company. We put in hours of research on LLCs, a full day of business boot camp provided by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship office, and research to find a licensed kitchen space – all while juggling midterms. The good and bad news is we are now in the waiting game and can’t do anymore to help our company. We have to wait to hear back from North Carolina on our status as an LLC and hope to hear from the auxiliary services of Davidson College to potentially base our business out of Summit Outpost Coffee Shop. It was a nice return to the simplicity of making pasta on Wednesday night. Operations and delivery were smoother than ever before. Our team, including our amazing delivery staff, have figured out how to be efficient and make delicious pasta! Since we had less orders than last week (and opening week), we hope to redirect efforts back into marketing after we come back from spring break. Creating new posters and an Instagram should get the word out to more people and result in a growth of customers. Overall, it was a great success. We are happy to take a week off, but can’t wait to come back to school and jump into week 5!

-Grace Leonhardt

Pasta ‘Cuz: Week 7

Another busy week for our growing company!  We had a lot of background situations that we needed to take care of and finalize such as legal issues, getting insurance, and focusing on how Pasta ‘Cuz will continue in the next year. These are the types of things that Grace and I didn’t realize we would be learning about when we applied for this grant. We are still trying to navigate the behind the scenes business waters to be successful.  Because these issues took up so much of our time this week, we were less active on social media and reminding our customers to order. This definitely caused a decrease in our orders this week.  While on one hand this is really disappointing, we know that we are doing everything we can to ensure that our business can survive in the long-term and are happy we still have repeat customers.  We have now officially secured an incorporated status, along with official insurance!  We are still working on upgrading our website to handle our orders in the best way, but the amount of progress that we have made in the seven weeks since we started this process has been really unbelievable.  Grace and I have both learned so much in fields we had no prior experience in and can now both officially say that we are entrepreneurs!  There is no doubt we will still have bumps along the road in the future, but now we know that we are prepared and have the support system to handle any of the issues that we are faced with.

-Maggie Spiller

Pasta ‘Cuz: Week 1

This past week has been really crazy for Grace and I.  We only came up with the idea last Tuesday and we have done so much.  As soon as we knew that we got the grant, we immediately started ordering our supplies and working on the website and making posters.  We have spent a lot of time in the media center and talking with each other to figure out exactly what our vision was for our company. With the help of Violet in the media center, our website is finally ready to go (  All of our posters are printed and ready to be hung up by this afternoon.  We are still waiting on a few supplies to arrive, but mostly everything is in place! We did have a few setbacks.  First, the takeout containers we ordered ended up being TINY, so we had to return them.  To do this, we had to call the company to get the address and figure out how the system worked.  Once we sent the small ones back, we had to completely readjust our budget to absorb the extra shipping costs and the increased prices of the bigger containers.  Regardless, we think we have made the right choice and are expecting the new containers to arrive today! Our second issue has been finding a work space.  Our dorm room works pretty well for storage during the week, but finding an open kitchen space that is willing to let us be there at night has not been easy.  We, of course, have access to the Tommy kitchen, but it is not ideal.  Rusk’s chef owns the kitchen in our house, so that is not an option for us.  Right now, we are thinking about asking a fraternity to let us use their kitchen in exchange for discounted pasta.  That’s the plan, but we still have a lot of logistics to figure out.  Finally, we still have a lot of research to do with regards to the legal side of owning a business.  We are avoiding the topic for now, but we need to get informed on the situation so that when it does arise, we can handle it.  All in all, the past week has been extremely productive, but we still have a lot of work to do and we are really excited for our launch on Wednesday!

 – Maggie Spiller