Looking for Alumni Ambassadors

The Davidson Innovation & Entrepreneurship Internship Program (DIEP) is seeking alumni or parent volunteer Entrepreneurship Ambassadors from Chicago, Seattle, Boulder, Denver, Boston, and Washington, DC. Know anyone or want to volunteer yourself? Send us an email.

Entrepreneurship Ambassador responsibilities include:

  • Working with Davidson’s Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship to identify/cultivate internships in startups and innovation-oriented companies (3-8 per hub);
  • Organizing 3 meetups with the interns throughout the summer. These can be meals, educational opportunities or workshops, tour of local companies, or alumni/externally-facing events;
  • Serving as a mentor and connector for the interns;
  • Managing a budget of $150/student to use for meetups, 1:1 meetings, or other events.

Ideal characteristics of an Entrepreneurship Ambassador include:

  • Davidson alumni or parent;
  • Active entrepreneur;
  • Connected to the entrepreneurial community;
  • Active network builder and connector;
  • Genuinely interested in the student learning experience and building relationships with students.

Entrepreneurship Ambassadors will benefit in the following ways:

  • Expand and deepen their own network of entrepreneurial companies;
  • Gain visibility for their work through the Davidson Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative newsletter and other college communications;
  • Enjoy meaningful mentor relationships with Davidson students;
  • Build stronger ties to the Davidson alumni network in their cities.

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