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The Davidson Tech Impact Fellowship was created by Whitney White ’08 to encourage Davidson women and students of color to explore interests in Computer Science through hands-on learning culminating in a real-world project under the guidance of an alumni mentor. The Fellowship includes a $5,000 stipend and centers on the following three components with corresponding options:

  • EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: Davidson course / independent study, online coursework, in-person boot camp or conference
  • ALUMNI MENTORSHIP: Technical expert, design professional, business person
  • IMPACT PROJECT: Campus leadership, community service, civic engagement

Applicants must submit their resume and a one-page project proposal including a suggested budget and timeline via the Career Center’s online jobs portal, Handshake. Seniors must plan to complete the Fellowship prior to graduation. Applicants will be interviewed by a Fellowship Committee comprised of Whitney White ’08, a representative of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department, and alumni with relevant experience. While the Fellowship will be open to all Davidson College students, the Committee will conduct targeted outreach to encourage women and students of color to apply.

Applications for this year’s Fellowship are due Friday, November 11th.

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