Davidson FoodIEs

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FOODIES: Starting this month, I&E will gather in Vail Commons every Thursday from 11:30 to 1. We’ll talk about all things I&E, and maybe even a little more. Some weeks we’ll invite local innovators to join us. Everyone and anyone is welcome–especially students! Not sold yet? What if we told you the tab was on us? Things just got 100% sweeter, we know. Just make sure you sign in as a guest of I&E at the front desk. We’ve dubbed these lunches “Davidson FoodIEs”. Get it… food(I&E)s?

Show Me the Money (But Also the Ethics)

Event Flyer
On November 3rd in the 900 Room at 4:30, I&E, Center for Career Development, and the Economics and Philosophy departments are co-sponsoring a conversation around wages and the morally-complex terrain of hiring and employment. They’ll be asking questions like: What is a fair wage? Is it acceptable to use cheap foreign labor to reduce costs? How does justice in hiring intersect with race, class, and disability? This is a ways off, but it’s a conversation you won’t want to miss. Mark those calendars now!

Davidson Students Prototype iPhone App “Krouded”

Three people presenting to a small audience

The host at the restaurant told them that it would be two hours before they could be seated. Hesitant to wait that long, the three decided to look for another place to eat. “But when we started calling restaurants around the South Park area,” Walker said “we were given similar wait times.” Unable to find dinner and miles away from home, the group was stuck. And although the group eventually did find a place to eat, they said they we too disappointed, frustrated, and hangry to enjoy it.
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